Splitkein pair of ski with their dragones

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Splitkein pair of ski with their dragones. In laminated wood, metal and leather.

The inventor, Jorgen Aaland was born in Norway in 1895. He managed the feat of making in 1932 laminated and glued skis. In addition to the glued laminate, Jorgen offers the skis a fantastic beveled shape as well as excellent stability and termination.

Splitkein, the ski factory was created by Peter Østby in 1935 and taken over by Laila Schou Nilsen in 1947. In 1950, Splitkein moved the factory to Hønefoss. From 1950 to the 1960, Splitkein skis are a dominant force of Norwegian skiing, but like other Norwegian producers of wooden skis, Splitkein faced with the competition of fiberglass skis had to cease its activities in the years 1970.


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